In 1986 Barbara and Martin Sass and Dr Francis P. Arena formed a charity whose mission is research, education and patient care in the fight against cancer and blood related diseases. All three had witnessed the devastating effects of cancer on loved ones, and shared a passionate conviction that through the formation of the SASS Foundation For Medical Research it could make a meaningful difference by focusing its efforts on medical research, patient care and education aimed at helping to develop improved treatments and, ultimately helping to eradicate cancer.

The SASS Foundation for Medical Research, Inc., has contributed to a better understanding of all types of cancers, educated physicians, nurses, patients and the public on the most advanced detection procedures and treatments available. Every year the SASS Foundation has provided medical research grants to permit state-of-the-art research in the war against cancer.

During the past decade, the Foundation has funded 3 -4 research grants per year on a national level (to major medical institutions) in the amount of approximately $40,000.00 each. Additionally, in 2012, the SASS Foundation has completed four year grant research support to Weill Cornell – NY Presbyterian in the amount of $300,000.00 and completed four years of grant research support to Cold Spring Harbor in the amount of $340,000.00. The SASS Foundation, heading into its 26th year, remains focused in its fight against cancer with a continued powerful commitment and purpose.

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